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How Our CrawlSpace Waterproofing System Eliminates Pests from your Crawl Space

A dirt or gravel crawl space is a great living environment for all sorts if pests. From rodents to termites, biting insects, spiders, and more, a crawl space offers shelter, warmth, humidity, and food sources. Ever wonder how those bugs get into your home? Usually through your crawl space! These pests are not only a nusance in your home and to your family, but can also cause structural (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) and other damage (rodents).

In addition, small dust mites that are not readily visible to the naked eye, thrive in these areas as well. These dust mites leave behind fecal matter and disintegrating body parts that can be a powerful allergen when inhaled. But like mold and mildew, dust mites need moisture to survive.

Wet Basement Solutions of New Hampshire's System solves the pest problem in crawl spaces. First, our System is completely air-tight and sealed so these pests never have the opportunity to even get into your crawl space. Next, even if they should find a way in, we have removed the moisture and humidity to create an uninhabitable and unfavorable environment for pests. Without moisture, most of these pests cannot survive. Lastly, our insulating blanket on the walls and ground contain a 99% pure aluminum backing that prevents termites, rodents, and unwanted pest from chewing through it.

The result is a clean dry crawl space environment that will keep all pests out of your crawl space and your home.