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Waterproofing in NH

Our CrawlSpace Waterproofing System Features

Wet Basement Solutions of New Hampshire's crawl space sealing system provides numerous advantages over our competitors. Scroll down to learn the difference.

Wet Basement Solutions Advantage
Wet Basement Solutions System The Competition
Crawl space is fully insulated with R-values to suit your needs. Greatly diminishes heat loss. Use a non-insulated wall amd floor covering.
You can choose the liner that best fits your needs, from our standard insulated liner to our heavily padded liner. No options to sit your individual needs.
We employ a drain fabric beneath the floor liner to disperse water and enhance drainage. It acts like another layer of stones. Simple floor covering without a drainage system. What happens to water that may accumulate under the liner?
Our drain fabric beneath the floor liner prevents "sticking" of the liner to muddy soil. Your crawlspace will be a pleasure to use. We are the only system that employs a drainage liner.
We use a radon gas dispersing membrane beneath the floor liner to prevent pressure build-up of soil gases. Allows soil gases to flow freely beneath the floor liner and then dissipate harmlessly outside No accommodations for dangerous radon gas that may build up when the crawl space is sealed.
We use a PVC pipe around the entire perimeter of the crawl space to collect soil gases and passively them vent to the outside. Our unique "pressure-release" system makes the task of sealing out radon and other soil gases a reality. No accommodations for radon or other deadly gases.
Our drain fabric beneath the floor liner is 100 mil thick to cushion floor during use and to protect the floor liner from sharp edges. Sharp edges from stones can pierce the floor liner and render the system ineffective.
We use a moldable roll adhesive to eliminate the need for caulking, drilling and installing concrete anchors. Installation is clean, safe and foolproof and cuts installation time in half. The use of caulking (prone to cracking and does not stand up to traffic), concrete anchors, and other ineffective means of securing the liners.
We offer an optional heat shield to keep living space floors comfortably warm in colder climates. Our crawl space ceiling Heat Shield reduces radiant heat loss through living space floors by more than 50%. Crawl space ceilings are not sealed or insulated resulting in substantial heat loss in your home during colder weather.
Our liners are fire retardant Class A/Class 1 rating with low smoke spread and meets residential and commercial building codes. Unknown fire retardant.
The BEST system on the market for safely and effectively improving crawl spaces. Compare and you be the judge