The Best Crawlspace
Waterproofing in NH

How Our CrawlSpace Waterproofing System Works

The basic principles are quite simple: isolate the crawl space from the underlying soil, humidity, radon gases, any other detrimental components that may affect the structural stability and health of your home. While the basic principles are simple, it has taken years of research and trial-and-error to develop a system that can safely and effectively accomplish these principles.

Soil Gases (including Radon)
The first obstacle is to deal with soil gases, including radon. Gases flow upward, out of the earth, following the path of least resistance. As such, the initial soil covering must be impervious to radon and other gases. But, you cannot just allow these gases to accumulate under a vapor barrier - pressures will build and something will eventually have to give. The Wet Basement Solutions NH solved this problem by developing a specialized vapor barrier, the radon gas dispersing drain fabric, in combination with a ventilation pipe. Radon or other gases that may accumulate under the vapor barrier flow beneath the floor liner and are passively vented to the outside through the vent pipe relieving any possibility of a pressure buildup. This pressure relief system combined with our exclusive moldable roll adhesive and permanent seaming tape makes the task of "sealing out" harmful soil gases a reality.

Moisture and Humidity
The second obstacle is to deal with water vapor and moisture. A crawl space is by far the major source of moisture in any home, letting in gallons of water each day in the form of water vapor. Water vapors enter your crawl space and home from the soil, as well as the porous concrete of your foundation. The Wet Basement Solutions of New Hampshire solved this problem by first covering the foundation walls with a waterproof insulating blanket and the soil/ground with our Floor Shield Liner to completely seal out moisture and humidity. Both our foundation and floor sheeting have a 99% pure aluminum backing that will never rot or decay and is moisture vapor and radon gas impervious.

Using our exclusive moldable roll adhesive and pressure-sensitive seaming tape, all joints along top edge of foundation wall and between barrier sheets and all voids around pipes, sump pumps, floor supports, etc, are sealed to create an air-tight seal.

Crawl space Insulation
Although our foundation and floor coverings are insulated, for colder climates, we recommend our optional Heat Shield Flooring System which gets installed on the bottom of the overhead floor joist (crawlspace ceiling). Our heat shield will reduce overall heat loss through the floor by over 50% and keeps floors comfortably warm. It also completely isolates the crawl space from the rest of the house.

The End Result
The end result is a clean, sanitary, and healthy crawl space environment that protects your home and your family and can even be used for storage.